Recently, fellow cast member Adam, posted a review for the internet’s premier online dating site for hunting “daddies”. Since he’s a connoisseur when it comes to dating older men, it only made sense he was our go-to guy. To promote’s relaunch of its new sleeker and sexier look, the website unveiled a bevy of new super hot promotional pictures.

Personally, I think the photos of the models perfectly represents the gay dating and socializing site for older men and those who love them. Even though I’m in a long-term relationship and don’t utilize the site’s functionality, I can appreciate the hotness of the featured models. Be sure to check after the jump to check them out. If you’re at work, don’t worry… there is no nudity involved. It’s just a bunch of shirtless older sexy daddies and bears flashing their half-smiles.

PICTURE 1: Sexy Back Tattoo


PICTURE 2: Sexy Duo with Torso Tattoo


PICTURE 3: Curly Hair Semi-Silver Fox


PICTURE 4: Sexy Bear in Plaid Sleeveless Top


PICTURE 5: Sexy Daddy with Eagle Shoulder Tattoo


PICTURE 6: Sexy Smiling Daddy at Kitchen Bar
(my personal fave)


PICTURE 7: Sexy Daddy in Training


PICTURE 8: Sexy Daddy Younger Love


PICTURE 9: Sexy Dude by Window


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