Watch Dacre Montgomery Get Unhinged In ‘Stranger Things’ Audition

Even with that God-awful 80s mullet, Dacre Montgomery is still tasty enough to eat. Truth be told, I’m more interested in what’s underneath his shirt than what’s on top of his head. Have you seen his gym pics? He is one ripped mother.

If you checked out the second season of Stranger Things, the 22-year-old Australian actor is a standout. He joined the cast as the antagonistic Billy Hargrove. The whole bad boy persona just adds to his sex appeal. Montgomery recently chatted with GQ magazine about his audition.

“So I got up, kinda went crazy, shaved all my hair off around my face except for my mustache, and then rang two friends who are still studying at the acting university that I went to here in Perth. I was like, Can you help read for me behind the camera tonight? Then during the day I made everything else happen—the dancing and the rest, going out in the G-string and just playing around with it, and putting it together on iMovie and doing all that sort of stuff. And then my two friends came around in the evening, and they had no idea.” – Montgomery to GQ.

Too bad the audition tape only captures from the chest up. I bet watching Dacre dancing around with his junk bouncing up and down in a G-string is a sight to behold. Nonetheless, he’s still mesmerizing to watch. Good looks aside, he’s one talented actor. I wonder if The Shining served as inspiration for his audition. He certainly pulls off a young crazy Jack Nicholson quite well. Watch the clip below.

Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery’s Insane ‘Billy’ Audition Tape

For more, head over to GQ.

  • Chris

    I’m having Jason Patric/The Lost Boys vibe with his character on ST2