Netti Lapidot Rocks Gold Accented Undies In D. Hedral’s Latest DH12 Feature

D. Hedral Gigolo Joe II Gold
For their DH12 series, D. Hedral plans to feature a dozen guys in twelve stunning shoots. Their quest is to find guys from across the globe, that not only look great, but have the power to inspire. For their latest muscular canvas, the underwear brand traveled to Tel Aviv. Meet 30-year-old Israeli movement artist Netti Lapidot.

“With the wealth of talents and physical ability, you might just well believe Netti is a superhero. He definitely has superhero powers! We meet the wonder boy who grew up in Israel with a fascination in physical education. Now at the age of 30, Netti is putting his expertise to good use in the form of his company SPARK which focuses on the individual development of his student’s physical fitness and mental enrichment. In this 3 part interview we’ll learn what makes Netti the man he is today whilst we chat to him mid-flight. He is living proof that your body really can achieve anything it wants to, and the rest, it can do with charm.” – D. Hedral

D. Hedral recently launched its new super-luxe Gold Gigolo Joe II underwear. They added the Midas touch to its iconic Gigolo Joe style with the addition of metallic gold detailing. I’ve been told the metallic gold tape is ironed on so there’s no chance of it peeling off. I’ll have to test that out when I get my pair.

Check out more images below of Lapidot rocking the GJII Gold. I also embedded a video explaining how the brand’s patented AngleFit Technology works in every pair.

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