Slick Ad Campaign: D&G Fragrances


During the 90s supermodel era, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova were three of the top glamazons that ruled the runway and print campaigns. Fast forward more than a decade later, the former supermodels are still as gorgeous as ever and involved in one of the slickest ad campaigns I’ve seen in a while. The three ladies were in Milan this week to celebrate the launch of D&G’s new fragrance line.


left to right: Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Naomi Campbell

Dolce and Gabbana has used the three legends and three much younger up-and-coming male models in their sexy new campaign for D&G Fragrances. Inspired by the game of Tarot, D&G Fragrances have created five dramatic perfumes to answer the fundamental question: “Who am I? Who do I want to be?”. D&G has captured the very essence of five eternal dramatis personae: the provocative Le Bateleur; the irrepressible L’Imperatrice; sensual L’Amoureux; daring La Roue de la Fortune; and hypnotizing La Lune. The enchanting creations within play with, and yet transcend the conventions of gender. Captivated by possibility, the wearer has the freedom to discover his or her identity from a pantheon of legendary archetypes.


left to right: Noah Mills, Fernando Fernandez, and Tyson Billou

  • 1 Le Bateleur
    Personality: The Seducer
    Provocative and playful – ragingly passionate, yet enviably cool – this is a man who gets what he wants. Dominant and distinctive, resolutely direct, Le Bateleur is an accomplished Mediterranean seducer.
  • L’Imperatrice
    Personality: The Star
    Flamboyant and energetic, for L’Imperatrice life is a movie and she is its heroine. All heads turn when she enters a room. Vibrant, magnetic she exudes charisma and force of character.
  • L’Amoureux
    Personality: The Charmer
    An incurable romantic in possession of an inherent nobility, dashing L’Amoureux melts the most cynical of hearts. Desired by all he meets, this charmer is all about intensity.
  • La Roue de la Fortune
    Personality: The Player
    Adventurous and creative – the epitome of surprise – La Roue de la Fortune is governed by the roll of the dice. Its wearers are intrepid, experimental, players of life’s game.
  • La Lune
    Personality: The Dreamer
    La Lune is a perfect enigma: fresh yet sensual, dazzling yet forever retaining her secrets. She enthrals everyone she encounters with her radiant and ethereal beauty.

Advertising Campaign

The collection’s TV and print promotional material will prove transfixing – an epochal moment in perfume advertising. Shot by the legendary Mario Testino to the theme of George Michael’s “Freedom 90”, the imagery of the D&G Fragrance Anthology will prove as unforgettable as the fragrances it heralds.

I love how the advertising team chose to use George Michael’s iconic “Freedom 90” track. When Michael released the music video, he hand picked five of the top models at the time to star in his video: Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. It’s great to see Campbell and this track returning to their roots- to the world of high fashion. At the time, I was OBSESSED with this track and even more so with the music video- the glory days of modeling where actual models graced the covers of magazines instead of Hollywood stars. With photoshopping and other technological advances, the plainest of Janes can now morph into supermodel shape. I want the glamor and supermodel era to come back.

For more information on D&G Fragrances, click here.

  • Dan

    I’m SO glad you wrote about this Dono! I saw the campaign last week and loved it!! SOOOO HOT!

  • Adam

    hahaha another reason for women over the age of 40 to feel terrible about themselves: apparently, with enough money and genes you CAN still look young and gorgeous… so why don’t you? hehe.. oh the world of women 🙂

  • Thanks Dan. I love me my supermodels. Just like you, I’m a sucker for a really great ad campaign and appreciate all the hard work that goes behind it. You should pick your favorites as well too.

    Adam: So what’s your excuse? Aren’t you only 20? 😉

  • Adam

    that you thought i was 20 made my day so nice try biotch and thanks 😉

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  • Harlequin

    Naomi Campbell is so fricken’ stunning. I’d let her throw phones at my head any day. Haha.