Alabama Hates Lesbians


I guess it’s the classic, no-you-can’t-bring-your-same-sex-partner-to-prom kind of story, but not only does this one seem unnecessarily harsh as you’ll see, but it still gets me that bigots can’t still be the head of schools, EVEN IN THE SOUTH.

Cynthia Stewart is 17 and graduating this year. She’s part of the prom committee, has raised money on her own for the event, has helped choose the theme for the prom, is clearly active in and proud of her school, but her school’s not proud of her sexuality. Cynthia decided to be respectful to the authority in her school, living in Alabama and all. As I can only imagine she’s still apprehensive about her sexuality considering her surroundings, so she asked her Principal (let’s call him Sargeant Fascist Prick), if she could bring her girlfriend to the prom, and obviously, SFP said no. THEN The Sargeant told her to, get this, remove a sticker that said “I Am A Lesbian” and says to her, GET THIS!, “You don’t have that much freedom at school”.

My head is still swimming from the story at this point, mouth gaping, fly’s flying in, I don’t care, still in shock ya know. Then I read this part. Ahem.

Not a word of lie, Fascist Prick, is threatening to cancel the prom for everyone, should Ms. Cynthia Stewart still decide to bring her girlfriend. Despite Cynthia’s legal guardian repealing the matter to the school board, the board has sided with The Prick and also said, Yeah, No Lesbians Allowed.

Uhmmmm. Where do I start? Listen Alabama school board. Sometimes the rest of the world moves forward without you, but you’d be able to see out your windows if you got your head out of your asses. Cynthia Stewart’s love is NO LESS than anyone elses, not yours, not mine, it’s the same. And the fact that a 17 year old girl’s love is THREATENING to you shows your level of immaturity and lack of experience, which leads me to believe that Sargeant Fascist Prick doesn’t have the proper credentials to govern a body of impressionable teenagers who need to grow up learning tolerance and acceptance through lesson AND example. The fact that you are willing to ruin a girl’s prom by either her not going, or showing up alone makes me want to slap you, and hard, to knock some sense into your thick skulls. I hope Cynthia shows up with bells on, literally, so they can hear her and her girlfriend coming from miles away, wearing more than one sticker announcing her sexuality, and proving that fascism doesn’t rule, nor win, in America.

I hope Cynthia proves that standing up for not only your rights, but your being, the center of you as a person, pays off. I hope she shows Alabama, and the world, that there’s not a sliver of reason to be ashamed in being a lesbian and loving another woman, and that no fascist prick, not a principal, not a school board, not a parent, not a police officer, not a government, can tell you who you can and cannot love, and in what arena you can show it, and to whom.

Exposure, education, tolerance, acceptance, celebration. The process must be started somewhere, and I hope Cynthia Stewart will help give it a kick in the ass in Alabama.

  • Mamasita

    One needs only to look at Alabama’s record of intolerance, and you can see where THIS is going. They would still like to see equality taken away from Afro-American community. It wasn’t that long ago that they and the whites couldn’t even walk on the same side of the street…… So don’t expect miracles here, they ain’t gonna happen.

  • Alexis

    You know this is why the states put out such a bad image. because of those FEW inconsiderate fricks. She deserves a right to her own prom which she basically helped out/made happen! Your right, she’s a human being, she deserves to be treated like a HUMAN BEING. these people make me so flustered. >___<

  • dasey

    i feel that she should go 2 prom but i do not agree with this life style but the rules should apply to this girl just like it is with any other couple and that is no pda just let them go

  • Jennifer Chaney

    hey cynthia it is ur niece just wanted 2 say go giiirrrllll. well gtg bye luv u