Cyndi Lauper Stops Concert Midway Through Song To Teach A Lesson

Last night, Myself, Donovan, Brian, Jonny, and his boyfriend Kodie (both pictured above with Cyndi Lauper), went to the PNE here in Vancouver to check out Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues concert. The place was full, a mixture of fans, young and old came out to see her in her crazy bright red mop-like hair.

This lady is still as amazing as she’s ever been. Her voice was absolutely phenominal and sided from all the uplifting blues music she performed, she also treated us with “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” and “True Colors”. She even talked about The Apprentice and the reason why she did the show was to draw attention to equality and equal rights for gays, through the “Give A Damn Campaign,” she pioneered. The crowd of course cheered to this.

But that was not the most memorable moment of the concert for me. When she stopped the concert midway through a song…that was unforgettable.

As at any concert, cameras are going crazy and there are those people that are filming the show, the entire time – watching the whole show through their flip, or the like. So, Cyndi stops the concert and says something along the lines of, “Listen all you camera people and YouTubers, you’re here with me right now. Do you want to be a voyeur or do you want to experience this and be with me, right here, right now. She even goes and crouches down in front of a few people in the front row that were continuously filming and emphasizes to them that she’s right in front of them. The crowd cheers. Wow! I can’t believe she did that slash I love that she did.

Later in the concert she went back to those comments saying that she too has a flip, but realizes that if you’re always experiencing everything through the camera, you’re never experiencing anything real at all.

  • Marc

    Right she is!
    I’ve never understood who watches youtube concert videos that have been filmed using a handheld device, especially a cellphone or ipod. The video and sound are usually very, very shitty and is usually unwatchable.

    …but that’s human nature again, I guess.

    I can’t buy floor seats anymore to concerts as I can’t see anything for all the stupid phones and cameras in my way.

    I’ll buy the dvd, thanks.