CW Releases Shirtless “Arrow” Promo

Sex sells and the CW certainly knows it. They would be silly if they didn’t pimp out the male lead for their new drama, “Arrow“. Stephen Amell who plays the titular role is sex on wheels. I should know. I picked Amell as one of my weekly Man Crushes after I saw him in Showtime’s male gigolo show, “Hung“. The second the network unveiled the “Arrow” trailer at their upfronts, I knew I was sold on the show. Amell showing off his athletic prowess (and muscles) on those Salmon Ladder pull-ups was heaven.

Up until now, the promotional artwork for “Arrow” has focused on Stephen wearing hooded garments. BOO. Finally, the CW wised up and is now parading him in all his shirtless glory. The tagline states, “Destiny Leaves Its Mark“. Stephen, I mean, destiny can leave whatever it wants, wherever he wants. Slurp. The newly-released artwork certainly is contention when I pick my 2012 Fall Television’s 10 Best Promo Posters. If you didn’t check out my list from last year, click here. Without further delay, check out the sexy new promo artwork below.

WOOF. The series also stars Willa Holland (The O.C.) and Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place 2.0). Will you check out “Arrow” when it debuts on the CW this Fall? Do you think Amell will be one of the breakout stars of the new television season? Sound off below.

  • Isabelle

    I am so there. I will watch anything he does but the show actually looks so good

  • dylan

    Wowza! You bet I’m going to check out Arrow when it debuts this fall! A few ladies from my office at Dish and I have been ogling Stephen Amell since “Hung”, just like you mentioned! They are going to DIE when I show them this promo poster! “Arrow” has quickly risen to a top priority new series to watch. It’s lucky that I have the Hopper DVR, with loads of memory space, so I can fit “Arrow” into my huge DVR recording list. There is no way I’m missing out on this one!