The CW’s Arrow Just Got A Whole Lot Sexier… Like A Whole Lot

If you read Homorazzi regularly, you know I have a huge hard-on for the CW’s Arrow. It’s become one of my favorite new shows of the Fall. I expected to tune in to gawk at Stephen Amell’s sculpted body, but it’s the storylines that keep me coming back. With this bit of casting news, I have a whole new reason to keep Arrow on my viewing schedule.

TV Guide first reported that this sexy stud is joining the cast on a recurring basis. He’ll reportedly play Roy Harper, a handsome street-savvy teen from the wrong side of the tracks of Starling City. Obviously, Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) sister Thea ends up falling for him. Who wouldn’t? This guy is sex on wheels. Here’s the best part, the network is confirming that he is “destined” to become an important player on the show. Find out who’s playing this character below and why he’ll become a significant part of the story.

It’s none other than that sexy beast Colton Haynes. I first fell in lust with him when he played a werewolf on ABC’s ill-fated summer series, The Gates. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who loved him in that role. He soon found himself playing another sexy werewolf on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Now that he’s off that show, it’s nice to see he’s found another gig so quickly. His first appearance on the show will be on February 20, 2013.

As mentioned earlier, he’ll play Roy Harper on Arrow. Rumor has it though that his character will evolve to become Oliver’s teen sidekick Speedy. Here’s the interesting part. Will Oliver have two sidekicks named Speedy. Fans of the show know that Oliver’s sister Thea is nicknamed Speedy. Will she join her brother’s crusade or will Colton’s character simply take her name. Perhaps, he’ll become Red Arrow. In the comics, Speedy became a member of the Justice League of America and was known as Red Arrow there.

Are you excited for Colton to join the show? If not, you should check out the picture below. Perhaps there’ll be scenes where Amell and Haynes work on their abs together (SIGH). Do you think he’ll become Arrow’s sidekick Speedy? Since the show is filmed in Vancouver, I’m going to stalk Colton’s every move 😉 Sound off below.

  • zurvivor

    I expect a lot of shirtless showdown between the two of them.

  • Peter Ming

    One other hot hunk already available on Arrow is Colin Donnell. He should be topless in every episode. Period.

  • Steve-O

    I think the producers are trying to keep us guessing with this one to see who will be come speedy….Haynes of Thea.

    In the comics Roy Harper was the original Speedy, like you said he went solo as Red Arrow and then went solo hardcore as Artillery.

    The moniker of Speedy is now the identify of a Mia Dearden (Hmmm Mia, Thea? Kinda similar) who is the new sidekick of Green Arrow, but has a very different background to Thea. She is a former child prostitute and is one of the few superheroes to be HIV positive.


    I totally thought they were going to give THEA the speedy mantle because shes a combination of both speedy’s. A girl and a partier (Roy Harper the first speedy was famous for doing drugs in the comics)

    As a MONSTER fan of the show and Green Arrow, they are doing a really good job at keeping everything in order. They NEED to sort out Dinah/Laurel and make her Canary already. That would be flawless.

  • mtmslg

    Yes he is pretty. BUT OMG: He CANNOT ACT!!

  • JJ Goode

    Haynes will make a great Roy Harper. Arrow has been amazing so far, and every episode gives my DISH coworkers plenty to talk about. It’s probably the best new show of the fall TV season. I’m even saving every episode this to my DISH Hopper’s 2TB hard drive. With my old DVRs, I would’ve worried about running out of space by this time of year. Now I just need to kick back and enjoy the best new show on TV.

  • savannah

    omgomgomgomgomg!! i was watching lol the movie the other day at the guy lead thing douglas booth is <3<3<3<3×10000

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  • Ryan B.

    This means he’ll be here in Vancouver a lot since they film here! Now there’s two of them to stalk. Lol