One of the earth’s most mysterious places the Bermuda Triangle. So many boats, planes, and lives have been lost in an area that is understandably nicknamed “The Devil’s Triangle,” yet there is no certain explanation as to what exactly happens and why. This area is found between Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda covering an area of 500,000 square miles. The Bermuda Triangle has taken down over one hundred aircrafts in seven decades.

This coming Sunday on Curiosity (which is on the Discovery Channel), an episode will air where a team of investigators go deep into the triangle to explore ocean floor wrecks and stage experiments to tackle the mystery once and for all. Is it some form of extreme weather? A rare ocean phenomenon? Or could something else? The scientists test theories on a scale never done before

Curiosity: The Devil’s Triangle premieres Sunday, October 14 at 9:00pm E/P. Check out some of the previews below. I’m certainly intrigued!

The Bermuda Triangle | Curiosity: The Devil’s Triangle

Deadly Lightening Strike | Curiosity: The Devil’s Triangle