Culture Club Reunion World Tour Announced

I may have only been a child in the 80’s for a minute, but that doesn’t stop me from me loving the music that came from that decade. One of my favorites is Culture Club and Boy George has now confirmed that the band will be reuniting next year and with a “proper worldwide tour”.

This huge announcement came amongst his current press tour for his soon to be released solo album Ordinary Alien. George has revealed that he wrote part of this album while in prison for his wrongful incarceration for beating up a male escort. Sounds like this album could be a little angst-y perhaps. When the question was sent to him via Samantha Ronson’s brother, Mark Ronson (I know, a really weird connection…), Boy George said the following.

“We are getting back together. Next year. This year [I’m touring] on my own. It’s kind of a precursor for what I’m doing with Culture Club in 2012. We’ll be doing a proper huge worldwide tour. And a new album.”

This tour and album would come on the bands 30th anniversary. How appropriate. The band was rumoured to get back together in 2006 when two of the members started to pull it all together. However, Boy George wouldn’t join their forces and therefore, the whole idea was scrapped. Later in the interview, Boy George explained his writing style during prison and how its changed.

“I kind of use my writing like a diary, so I write about things that are very personal to me, things that I’ve experienced, things that have affected me and that I feel strongly about. I’ve surprised myself, really with my resilience. Yes [prison] did happen, but it feels so long ago now.”

Will you go see Culture Club on their reunion tour in 2012?