Some bands generate buzz because they’re bringing something new musically to the masses. Some bands generate buzz due to their crazy live shows. Crystal Castles is a band that did both.

Originally gaining press via some amazing tracks posted on their MySpace page. One track in particular, Alice’s Practice, garnered attention almost immediately. Back in 2006, the crazy vocals, mixed with some pretty heavy electronic 8-bit beats seemed really fresh.

Their reputation for live shows pushed them even further into the spotlight. Alice Glass’s wild on-stage antics excited a lot of fans, and allowed Crystal Castles to gain even more.

I saw Crystal Castles for the first time at Sasquatch last year, and favoured them as one of the bands to watch. Almost a year has passed, and seeing them again was no different: live, energetic, spastic, cra-mazing!

The venue they played, Trouw, had sort of a warehouse feel. Long, tall and wide. It’s not really near any of the main entertainment areas, but it’s worth the trip out there. The first time I was there, Kevin and I went to a “Tranny” party, which was filled with all sorts. Crystal Castles also pulled in a unique crowd. A lot of euro-hipsters: guys that look like girls, girls that dressed like aerobics instructors (thank you ever so much, American Apparel). My gaydar is terrible in this country.

There was an opening band, but I didn’t catch who they were. Apparently, it had one of the guys from M83, who I’m a fan of, but these guys lacked any soft of draw for me.

When CC came on stage, the place blew up. A full on holocaust on your ears, eyes, and brain. Alice carries around an active strobe light throughout most of the performance, and the back lighting is hard to look at sometimes just because it’s so bright. It all synergizes and coalesces into a great experience.

They played a lot of songs from their debut album, and a couple new ones from their upcoming album as well. If they’re anywhere near you, and you’ve got the cash and the time, go see them.