What do “Ugly Betty” and Jennifer Lopez have in common? This hunky latin sex on wheels, that’s what. This week, I wanted a little spice in my weekly crush, so I chose the super hot Adam Rodriguez. This 34-year old actor is mostly known for his work on CSI: Miami, but David Caruso gives me gas so I totally avoid that show like the plague. Damn you Caruso for crush-blocking me from Rodriguez’s hotness. Rodriguez is one quarter Cuban and three quarters Puerto Rican which equals one full of man candy.

When I first saw Rodriguez on “Ugly Betty” a few weeks ago, my jaw literally dropped. As he sauntered across the street to talk to Betty and Hilda, I was mesmerized by his leather-jacket wearing self. The way his facial scruff perfectly juxtaposed with his boyish devilish smile had me all hot and bothered. Then when he spoke in his baritone man voice, call me done and give me a cigarette stat.


At first I was a little worried his stint was limited to just a couple of guest appearances, but thankfully the writers have decided to make him Hilda’s baby-daddy, so he’ll be around for the rest of the season. Yay, writers. Seriously, this has been an amazing season of Ugly Betty. Probably the best since season one, and maybe even better than that.

Besides Ugly Betty and CSI: Miami, Adam has worked on Law & Order, Felicity, Roswell, NYPD Blue and a few other shows. When he’s not busy working on TV or film (Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”), he’s often seen as the love interest in numerous music videos. He’s been in J. Lo’s “If You Had My Love”, Melanie Fiona’s “It Kills Me” and Lionel Richie’s “I Call it Love” where he starred opposite Lionel’s daughter, Nicole Richie.

Here are a few snaps from his appearance on Ugly Betty. The pictures don’t do him justice. God, I love his smile and those mini-dimples are lethal weapons.


So what do you think of this week’s crush? Not sold? Then check him out on Ugly Betty when it returns in January. Trust me, you’ll be a convert soon enough.

Have a suggestion for my next week’s crush? Post your thoughts, comments and suggestions below. Til next week.