A couple months ago, I joined CrossFit 604here in Vancouver and it was the best thing I ever did. I can honestly say CrossFit is now my favorite fitness related activity that I’ve ever done. People have said to me, “Oh you’re part of the cult,” which is hilarious. The reason why it people think that is because people are so freaking excited about what they are doing and can accomplish. I now know first hand and in CrossFit I have pushed myself further physically than in any other fitness related activity I’ve ever done.

1. The Challenge

You know when you go to the gym and the odd time you leave and you think to yourself, “Man that was an amazing workout…” Well, that’s literally how I feel every morning I finish CrossFit. You push yourself further than you would at the gym and the workouts really push you to your limit… to the point where you realize that it’s a mind game. Your mind wants you to quit, but your body can keep going.

2. The Variety

Every day is different and you don’t have to worry about “chest day” or “legs day” and things like that which is what I hated about the gym. I would get bored of my routines so quickly. Prior to CrossFit, I was also doing elite bootcamps with WestCoast Fitness, and those were 10x better than going to the gym (for me) and actually incorporate some CrossFit into their workouts. There just came a point where I couldn’t do CrossFit and bootcamp or my body would die. If CrossFit doesn’t appeal to you and you want to go to a good bootcamp class a few times a week, I’d recommend West Coast Fitness (that is if you are in Vancouver of course).

3. The Community

Everyone is really friendly (must be all the endorphins) and really encouraging of each other. In comparison to the gym where everyone for the most part is going solo, here you are all doing the same things together and may even be competing with each other. After all, it can get competitive – but not in a bad way.

4. It’s Hardcore

The stuff you do is not your basic movements like arm curls. It’s things like handstand pushups, kipping pullups, jump rope double unders, etc. All of these things I had never done before and I’m really getting excited about my progress and how quickly my body is changing as a result of the workouts.

5. It’s Competitive

Not only is CrossFit a good workout, but as you start to get into it, you have the option to compete. For example, right the Reebok CrossFit Games are happening right now everywhere in the world and so each week, literally anyone who has signed up to be a part of it does the same workout and is judged on what they did. You then get ranked against everyone else in the world. It’s just another layer that makes it very intriguing for me. I’m currently participating in the challenge.