On this fine summer weekend, a few of us Homorazzi.com cast members (Patrick, Dan, Jonny, Brian and myself) along with some friends are roughing it up at Adam’s cabin on Gambier Island. At this point, we’ve been there since Friday and I’m craving a shower and a flushing toilet. If only I had one of these to bring over on a tiny ferry, all my wishes would be granted.

How awesome is the Cricket Trailer??? It’s definitely not your grandparents humongous RV, it’s one for our cool hipster modern generation. The 15-foot trailer lets you experience camping YOUR way. While it’s designed for summer outdoor adventure, you can trick it out with a wide range of finishings and trimmings that would make any city boy comfortable in the wild.

Depending on the model you want, the Cricket can range between $10,000 to $17,000. It can offer a stainless steel sink with two-burner cooktop, a cabinet, a handshower with curtain, a portable cassette toilet, a furnace or a/c unit, a shade awning, and a folding bed with foam. If you want to completely customize it, you can purchase the Cricket shell and thoroughly make it your own.

You can see the toilet at the bottom right hand side. The area can flip up and you can shower there a well.

How comfortable would sleeping in here be while all your friends are sleeping outside on the lumpy uneven dirty ground.

I love how mod and vintage the exterior looks.

For more info and floor plans for the Cricket Trailer, head over to their official website.