How much do I love Emma Stone? Oh wait, that’s not the point of this. Back it up.

Crazy, Stupid, Love stars Steve Carell as a frumpy middle aged man, divorce from Julianne Moore pending, who finds himself single and not so swingin’. And then there’s Ryan Gosling, and oh dear lord, THEN there’s Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling plays Jacob, who sees Cal (Steve Carell) at a bar a couple nights in a row and decides to make him his pet project. Let’s say that nobody has ever been that charming ever in any movie than Ryan Gosling was. Let’s see how many more times I can say “Ryan Gosling”, in this post. No let’s not, let’s move onto my original point.

I love Emma Stone. Emma Stone plays Hannah, and in a pretty separate story line, finds herself settling for a guy, medium hilariously played by Josh Groban, and getting picked up by Jacob at a bar, only to shoot him down and continue settling. In the meantime Cal’s son is in love with his babysitter (played by Analeigh Tipton of Top Model fame), who’s in love with Cal secretly. Love stories ensue in A GREAT WAY, hilarity of story lines intertwine, things make sense, people fall in love, I smile my face off. It’s a gooder. Oh and Kevin Bacon’s in it. After an ensemble comedy, I think six degrees become three in the game.

Everytime a plot line or scene felt like it was about to drag, it picked up and continued moving forward. And the great thing was, you didn’t hate anyone. It wasn’t one of those movies where you loved to hate the losers. You loved to love pretty much everyone. A couple of scenes stood out, one involving Emma and Ryan’s first night at his house that not only makes you laugh but really and honestly conveys that first feeling. The other is a back yard mishap of farces that just KEEP GOING. There really was the odd laugh out loud part of the movie, but I didn’t really notice myself laughing out loud because the movie kept it’s pace and humour so naturally. So I may have been a howling donkey the whole time and not noticed. I sure hope so. But it keeps you involved in the recurring theme of hopeless romanticism versus playing the game for the sake of playing the game.

Altogether I rate it high on the romantic comedy scale, kept me grinning like a toddler until the end, and altogether is a great summer date movie. Or a wrist slitter depending on your situation in life. In which case Captain America opened this weekend. LONG LIVE EMMA!

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars