Photo courtesy of Prideful Engagements

Home decor and more store Crate & Barrel is holding The Ultimate Wedding Contest for a couple with the most votes to win $100,000 and a wedding organized by celebrity wedding planner, Yifat Oren. To enter, you must explain how you met, details on your wedding and then how you’d design your dream home.

One story in particular is gaining some serious steam and if they win, would be a huge step in the support of marriage equality. Meet Robbie & Allen from Los Angeles, CA who say that their connection was Love At First Wink. Their story is so cute so I couldn’t help but give them an extra boost. What I love most about this story is that Robbie wasn’t even out two and a half years ago to his friends, family, or himself. And now, he’s canvasing for your votes. Amazing right?


Robbie had seen Allen’s profile a few times on a gay connection site but never did anything because he was confused about his own sexuality. Mustering up the courage, Robbie sent a “wink” to Allen and the rest is history. The two began emailing back and forth and met shortly after and never looked back. Three months brought on the I love you’s, 12 months prompted the move in, and after two years of bliss came the will you marry me?

Photo courtesy of Prideful Engagements

Their wedding begins with eco-friendly invitations that ask their friends and family to embrace them as they pledge their love to each other and dance the night away under a starry night sky. The locale? A modern, black and white urban lounge high a top a hill or rooftop overlooking the LA skyline. And for dessert, take a walk down the dessert bar and relive your childhood with cotton candy, crispy treats and the gooiest most colorful and delicious sundaes you can imagine. This sounds absolutely amazing. All I can say is that I hope Homorazzi gets their eco-friendly invitation in the mail as well.

As for their ultimate dream home, it sounds like a picture from a magazine. Their three criteria ring out through the design of their house: sustainable love, modern lifestyle and creative souls. Put your feet up in their living room with a comfortable sofa and handcrafted coffee table. Socialize in their contemporary kitchen that inspires you to create the most delicious of meals. They envision a colorful playroom for their future children and a master bedroom with classically styled furniture and modern fabrics.

Photo courtesy of Prideful Engagements

Want their wedding and home? Me too. It sounds absolutely stunning. However, let’s help make their dream come true and VOTE for Robbie and Allen to win this ultimate prize. Head to their contest page and click on the big pink button that says VOTE FOR THIS ENTRY.

For more info on Robbie and Allen and how they are hoping to change the face for acceptance and marriage equality, check out their website below. Best of luck to these two.