Model Behavior: Craig Malozzi

For those who thought last week’s featured model was a little too buff, this week’s choice should make you happy. Craig Malozzi has the perfect body for both fitness and fashion- beefy but not too muscular. Plus his Californian golden boy good looks don’t hurt either. That’s exactly why I picked Malozzi as this week’s Model Behavior.

While it was easy to find plenty of hot pics of Craig, finding biographical information proved much more difficult. All I was able to uncover was his college GPA, which was 3.8 just in case you were wondering, and his athletic background. He played basketball and volleyball for his college and played semi-pro football. He even placed second in two bodybuilding competitions. It was this active lifestyle that laid the foundation for his sexy body. It’s that physique that’s appealed to photographers like Rick Day. Check out a sampling of Malozzi’s body of work below.

Craig Malozzi Model Stats

Height: 5’11”
Waist: 30
Shoe: 11
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue

Vroom, vroom. Let’s go for a ride.

Craig sure loves posing with a hat on.

I wonder how this angel in tighty whities got his wings.

Thank God for visible penis lines. No need to ask the cut/uncut question.

Someone’s open for business.

He sure likes to palm balls, basketballs et al.

A moment of silence for his hotness.

Just in case you were wondering, he models clothes too 😉

I guess we know what position he likes. iF*ck. iLike.

His poor bulge must take a beating if he does pushups all the way down.

Touchdown. Spike that bad boy.

A pleather unitard. Kinky, kinky, kinky.

Love the gold chain. It’s so Chachi.

He’s waiting for you with open arms (and legs, LOL).

  • MaLizMa

    GOOD GRIEF!!!!
    Love at first sight!
    A blue-eyed blonde Italian with a traditional Italian sausage!
    Thank you, Donovan! … he’s GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Paolo

    WOW. Just. wow.

  • Jean

    Too smooth, but otherwise absolute perfection.

  • Paul

    I know him a little. He was a few years ahead of me in school. He’s married now, though. Shame.

  • basheer

    you are very guit ilaik it you r body