In honor of Oprah Winfrey’s Australian adventure and the Australian Open both airing this week, I thought I’d select a hottie from down under for this week’s Man Crush. The lucky recipient of this week’s adoration is Brisbane native, Craig Horner. As it turns out, Horner celebrates his 28th birthday in just a few days on January 24, 2011. So here’s an early birthday gift to the Aussie stud. I expect him to return the favor and thank me for this honor by giving me a lap dance on my birthday *wink*.

Horner studied at St. Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane. Upon graduating, he decided to pursue acting and appeared in various Australian television programs including “Cybergirl” which was his first break, “Swimming Upstream” and “Totally Wild“. In 2008, Craig joined the popular Australian teen drama, “Blue Water High” where he became a teen heartthrob playing a surfer. Obviously there were plenty of shirtless shots of him on the beach for teen girls and gays to lust after.

North American audiences were exposed to the tasty shrimp on the barbie when he landed the role of Richard Cypher on the syndicated fantasy-adventure, “Legend of the Seeker“. Once again, there were plenty of gratuitous shots of Horner shirtless. Since his surfer days on “Blue Water High” he’s bulked up a bit and matured. Personally, I like him better now. A littler scruffier and manlier. Yummy.

When he’s not acting, Craig enjoys playing the guitar and writing music. He’s not only artistic, but also quite an athlete. Horner enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, swimming, tennis, kayaking and snowboarding. Nothing like a little sweaty jock to turn me on. Check out the following pics below, that I collected from the web for your enjoyment. Happy stalking.

Here’s a screen shot of him from “Legend of the Seeker”. I’d seek his legend anytime.

Such a devilish little smirk.

I love me a boy with freckles.

Being sexy jailbait during his surfer days in the teen drama, “Blue Water High”.

As if the beaches in Australia weren’t beautiful enough. Seeing him shirtless makes me want to book a one-way ticket to Brisbane stat.

Just hanging out with the boys. This is one Big Mac, I’d sink my teeth into. Three whole beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese.

Give him a few more years to fill out that beard, and he’ll be one sexy bear.

The rest of the pics below are all snaps from “Seeker”. Hope you enjoy. I think the producers should slash the show’s wardrobe budget and force him to wear even less.

This show seriously caters to the gay market, doesn’t it?

A little bondage fantasy come true.

Forget slippery when wet. Horner needs a sign warning others he’s sexier when wet.

Yeah, baby. Swing that axe.

Oh my, what a long stick you have.