Hearing Celebrity Skin brings me right back to highschool, and every girl I was friends with (and me), obsessed with Cobain’s widow and Hole as a whole. Vancouver wild child Peter Breeze has covered the tune and even gotten props now from Courtney Love herself!

Peter Breeze came onto the scene when he released “Fuck Talk (Buy Me A Drink)” last year as his club single and music video debut, and everyone was telling everyone and their mother to Buy Them A Drink! With producer Maxwell Maxwell, Peter followed up his popularity with his first full length album Send In The Robots last March, and online sales went through the roof, including a special performance attended by, and praised by, original club kid James St. James himself in LA. The album gave us some great dance tunes, and another great single and video for X-Rated Angel. Peter rocked the Rapture party and The Odyssey last summer at Vancouver Pride and began the ride into glory, glitter, and fame.

Just yesterday, less than two hours after posting the cover of Hole’s Celebrity Skin, he gets a shout out from Rock Queen Courtney Love! After being posted to her fan page, Hole personally tweeted about the cover saying “OMG this lovely boy @peterbreeze has done a spectac cover of Hole’s Celeb Skin…”

The Vancouver star is continuing to rise, and I’m sure the boost from a star such as Courtney is just further fuel in Peter Breeze’s fire.