Courtney Act Waxes Andrew Brady On ‘Celebrity Big Brother UK’

Courtney Act is certainly having a great time on Celebrity Big Brother UK. The Australian drag queen has found herself some hunky man candy to keep her occupied while isolated from the outside world. I wouldn’t blame the RuPaul’s Drag Race alum if she never wanted to leave.

Since entering the house, Act has engaged in a flirtmance with The Apprentice UK personality Andrew Brady. Though there’s no romantic feelings from Brady’s end, he’s certainly flirted up a storm with Courtney. From bathing together to having a pillow fight, these two are getting closer by the day. They have viewers ‘shipping them hardcore.

Their latest interaction proved quite painful for Brady. He let Courtney wax his butt, crack and all. Check out the amusing clip below, along with other clips featuring the two.

Courtney obliges to waxing Andrew’s bottom

It’s bath time, but who is shaving who?

Shane J and Andrew have a pillow fight