In a hilarious ‘Couples Therapy‘ sketch, gay couple Vincent and Daniel work out their relationship issues in therapy. Their issue… Vincent (Mike Rose) overusing his jokes – particularly a recent Twitter joke he makes about Daniel (Stephen Guarino) and why he doesn’t use that particular social networking site.

Vincent repeats the joke while they’re hanging out with friends, talking to someone on the phone, and again at another friend’s house. This drives Daniel crazy and he just can’t take it anymore. With that, they discuss the issue at their weekly couple’s therapy session to work it out. Their therapist tries to help them get to the root of the problem so that they can come up with a solution to movie forward with.

Find out what the joke is and why it drives Daniel so batty by watching the funny video below. It’s really well done and I definitely want to see more “Couples Therapy” episodes from these guys! Enjoy!

‘Couples Therapy’ – Twitter