Model Behavior: Corey Saucier

For this week’s Model Behavior, I really wanted to give you one saucy beyotch. In this case, it’s pretty literal. Meet Corey Saucier. As his last name suggests, he’s definitely “saucier” than your average male model next door. Perhaps, it’s due to the fact he’s from Houston, Texas. They say everything grows bigger in the Lone Star state and this 6’1″ stud certainly lives up to that motto. I’d gulp down this tall tasty drink of sexy any day of the week.

The 23-year-old male model was raised in a Houston suburb- Spring to be exact. Growing up, he played numerous sports including football, baseball and basketball. He continued with both football and baseball all the way through til his college years at Texas State University. He majored in business management but dropped out to pursue a career in modeling after being urged by friends to give it a try.

Those friends definitely knew what they were talking about. Upon arriving in New York, Saucier quickly signed with AIG model management. In his relatively short career, Corey has caught the eye of gay the community thanks to his spreads in Out magazine, The Advocate and YVY Mag. With his extremely hot body its hard not to get noticed. He’s also caught the eyes of veteran photographers like Jeremy Kost, Greg Lotus and Eric Schwabel. Check out a few pics from these photogs and others of Saucer below. Be forewarned, you might need a cold shower from all the shirtless pics. Enjoy.

Corey Saucier Model Stats

Height: 6’1″
Waist: 32
Shoe: 12
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Thought I’d give you a little preview before the full on shirtless pic. Looks promising right?

Nice schnoz.

Holy veins Batman. Kinda hot right?

Stretching out that long lean toned body of his.

I wonder how he got those scars on his right elbow? What is it about a toned midsection that’s so hot? I’m such a sucker for a flat stomach.

Showing off both armpits. Which do you prefer? I’m leaning towards the bushier right pic.

Nice v-shaped body. I could munch on this all day.

Thought I’d throw in a couple of pics of him modeling clothes. Meh, I prefer him shirtless.

Something extremely sexy about this pic. Nice tasty nips.

In a sea of other hotties, he definitely stands out.

Clean or dirty? I like my boys a little dirty. Hehe.

He certainly likes showing off his pubes, doesn’t he. Not that I’m complaining.

Looking like a jock. Definitely looks like a natural caressing that ball.

When one Corey isn’t enough, simply order two others via photoshop to get your Corey fill.

  • you’re right..Corey is one hot dude!



  • Unknown

    Btw he is gay there is a Facebook page with proof

  • Mynx

    I’m not sure about his boyfriend… He seems…. Too ugly to be Corey boyfriend, and it doesn’t looklike he’s a millionaire or something, why Corey?why???why him?????*

  • Leon Walker

    Maybe he’s just not shallow? He is most definitely Hott!