Belief systems are not only something I don’t judge, but find FASCINATING. What makes people tick, what makes people think the way they do, and how can someone’s foolery be another’s gold. So here’s my new monthly contribution. This month?……


I really wish there was audio for that.

You might be thinking “Lizard People, seriously, he couldn’t have started with something a LITTLE saner?”, but not a word of lie this is a much more popular conspiracy than I even knew. THOUSANDS of websites dedicated to it.

So the deal is that some people believe that the major politicians, leaders, and heads of big business in the world are actually these shape-shifting lizard people. Some have concluded that they are an alien race from another planet while others, more interestingly in my opinion, say that they are actually native to Earth and around as long as humans have been. Apparently though their continent sunk in the ocean (Lemuria). So if that’s the case, how did we not see these creatures before?

Well actually we have. In pretty much every culture around the world. Wikipedia even has a list of “Reptilian Humanoids”, from Quetzalcoatl, creator of the sky for the Aztecs, to the Chinese and Biblical references to the Serpent or Snake. These ideas morphed, and that’s where David Icke, a renouned conspiracy theorist, picked it up.

David Icke has actually written a very popular book referred to as the “Rosetta Stone for Conpiracy Theorists”. The Biggest Secret had been republished 5 times between ’99 and ’05. In it, among other things, he talks about the Lizard people right back to Ancient Babylon, and how they came from outer space to mine precious metals on earth and feed off fear in human beings. They then crossbred with humans, which follows COUNTLESS myths and legends across cultures, to become these halfbreed lizard that can shapeshift. Now they lead the world and striek fear into us to become stronger. Christine Fitzgerald, a friend of Princess Diana, allegedly told Icke in an interview once that Di confided in her that the royal family were lizards. Then Diana died. No biggie right?

Well apparently now we’re being harvested and ruled like cattle by these people in prominent leadership positions. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the youtube videos that people have published, especially on the Bush bloodline. There’s actually a few really prominent videos on George Bush Sr.’s eyes apparently changing into slits on camera and blinking repeatedly to hold back his lizard persona. They also use CNBC’s interview with Obama as fuel to the fire. You know the way where he kills the fly in a seemingly agile reptilian way, unable to suppress his urge. Yummy.

Countless testimonials and videos online help try to prove this theory, really look it up it’s either fascinating or hilarious depending on what you think. And whether they believe that they came from space or originated from earth, they all believe one thing: we are being controlled by the shape-shifting lizard people and that we must retaliate! There’s a Mother-In-Law joke here somewhere I know it. I’ll play the high road.