Conspiracy Theory OTM: Government’s Spying On Gays


I look forward to writing this column every month researching what people think is reality, and sometimes I come across things that literally cannot be proven as being fiction. This is a little bit different. Conspiracy theorists everywhere will be FULLY validated in knowing that yes, the government has in fact been spying on gay groups for over fifty years!

New documents released by the FBI show heaps of files and evidence, minutely detailing the tracking of gay rights groups like The Mattachine Society throughout the 50’s and 60’s. Founded in 1950 by Harry Hay, The Mattachine Society was supportive of progressive political parties and generally unifying and educating homosexuals back in the day. Now in the defense of the U.S. 1950’s government, most of the member’s of TMS were also affiliated with some cell of communism…BUT…they were still gay, so I stand by my title statement.

Also, many of the memos released showed the bureau’s supposedly long time obsession with the gays, categorizing and naming “prominent individuals” as in fact being a homosexual. The memo actually also said:

‘In view of the obscene nature of the allegations and the prominence of some individuals mentioned, therein, it is felt that this file should be retained in the Special File Room.’

You mean the Special File Room beside the Special Sauna? Thought so. Actually that room was used to keep files from the public and even Congress back in the day. That’s how big a deal it was.

Well everybody who lived through that age that thought they saw men with sunglasses behind them a little too much can feel fully validated at this information. And from here on in, when anyone of us say, “is that car following me?”, you can know that just like our forefathers, you might be a target for national cleansing. Or they just thought you were cute.