Conrad Murray Gets Four Years In Lockdown

Not too long ago, the world watched as the drama of the Conrad Murray trial came to a final verdict from the jury. As we all bit our nails, we listened as the jury declared that they had found the doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Despite the efforts of his lawyers, Conrad was not to be released on bail or probation and was handcuffed immediately in the courtroom. Today, Murray’s sentence was handed to him by the judge and it didn’t look good for Conrad.

Immediately has Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor entered the room, everyone knew that he didn’t have any interest in letting Conrad Murray out easy. Idolator reports: Judge Pastor called Murray’s involvement in Jackson’s June 25, 2009 overdose “money for medicine madness” and heavily criticized him for failing to show any remorse. “Talk about blaming the victim,” Pastor said. “Not only isn’t there any remorse, there is umbrage and outrage on the part of Dr. Murray against the decedent.”

That wasn’t all that Pastor said. He noted that he engaged in a recurring, continuous pattern of deceit and lies and called him a disgrace to the medical profession. “Michael Jackson died not because of an isolated one-off occurrence or incident,” he continued. “He died because of a totality of circumstances which are directly attributable to Dr. Murray, not some mistake or some accident in the early morning hours of 2009.” Some pretty harsh words from the Judge. With that, Pastor handed Murray a four year sentence, the maximum charge to be served. See a statement from the Jackson family below.

“There’s no way to adequately describe the loss of our beloved father, son, brother and friend. We still look at each other in disbelief: is it really possible he is gone?

“As brothers and sisters, we will never be able to hold, laugh or perform again with our brother Michael. As his children, we will grow up without our father, our best friend, our playmate and our dad. We are not here to seek revenge. There is nothing you can do today to bring Michael back.

“We respectfully request that you impose a sentence that reminds physicians that they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder and cast aside their Hippocratic oath to do no harm.”

While the maximum sentence may have been bestowed upon Conrad Murray, many experts in the matter say that Conrad will only likely serve 2 years at the most and in LA County Jail versus a maximum security prison. This is largely due to overcrowding currently occurring in many prisons in the United States. Therefore, Murray could be released much earlier than expected. What do you make of Murray’s sentencing? Did he get what he deserved or will he just be let off easy in the end? Sound off below.