Conor McGregor’s Bulge Has The Internet Thirsty

Even if you’ve already seen this, it’s worth a second look. What hot-blooded homo could pass up looking at an impressive bulge?

Before Floyd Mayweather ultimately won the big fight this weekend, Conor McGregor and what he was packing in his underwear stole the limelight. In an effort to intimidate Mayweather, McGregor decided to strip down and get within inches of Floyd’s face to talk smack. Perhaps he should’ve let his anaconda do all the talking 😉

Check out the revealing look at McGregor’s bulge below. Had Conor whipped out his manhood during the fight, perhaps he would’ve eked out a win by slapping Floyd with it.

  • chadlybrown

    Why are you covering this homophobic shitbag? Do better, seriously.