Watch Conan O’Brien Officiate A Gay Wedding

To celebrate the one year anniversary of his TBS late night show, Conan O’Brien decided to do it grand style… or should I say gay style. The ginger funnyman married one of his long-time staffers to his partner on live television. Since New York recently allowed same-sex marriages to take place, Conan thought it was only fitting to perform a gay wedding for his NYC homecoming. He brought his TBS show to film in New York for a week, marking his return to the Big Apple since “The Tonight Show” debacle. Conan even got himself ordained so he could perform the ceremony.

So who were the happy couple? Conan’s costume designer Scott Cronick married his long partner David Gorshein at New York’s Beacon Theatre. Conan even wrangled Cronick’s favorite celebrity to walk him down the “aisle”. It was none other than Bravo’s Andy Cohen. DAMN, I’m jealous. If Cohen agreed to walk me down the aisle, I’d marry Brian tomorrow. Hilarious side note. Even though Cohen was supposed to escort Cronick, you should see how Cohen places his arm. Clearly, he’s a bottom. LOL. Check out the vows the happy couple recited to each other:

“Anyone in the world would be happy to wear one of your designs, but no one is possibly happier than I am to wear your ring,” Gorshein said to Conan’s costume designer.

“I have only one vow for you,” Cronick began. “I vow to fill your every day with so much love. Cameras or no cameras, I am here today and I am yours forever.”

How cute! In Jewish tradition, the men stomped on glasses after the ceremony. MAZEL, as Andy Cohen would say. Conan concluded the ceremony with the following:

“By the power invested in me by the state of New York and the Universal Life Church, I now pronounce you husband and husband. You can kiss the groom.”

Guess what song played when the newlyweds kissed? It’s an obvious choice. Try to figure it out before watching the video. The couple then were whisked away as confetti fell on the stage. Watch the ceremony below. It’s totally adorable.

Can you imagine your boss marrying you? If my boss were Conan, then yes. Otherwise, no. What was your favorite part of the ceremony. Voice all your thoughts below.