Talk about vindication. Conan O’Brien’s first night on the job brought in boffo ratings for the basic cable network. Roughly 4.2 million viewers tuned in to watch “Conan” on TBS. Not only did in bring huge numbers, but it delivered a median age of 30. Those are the kind of numbers, executives love to see. The premiere easily beat out his competitors including “The Late Show with David Letterman“, “The Tonight Show“, “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report“. It also gave a huge lead-in to “Lopez Tonight”, probably giving that show it’s highest numbers ever. President of Turner Entertainment Networks released the following statement:

“Conan’s audience has been very vocal online, and he clearly made a smooth transition from Twitter to TBS.. Conan delivered an extraordinary audience and stands out as the youngest talk show on television.”

I’m 100% certain sometime this morning Conan and his crew were having mimosas to celebrate their victory. On the flip side, somewhere in LA, Jay Leno and NBC execs were drowning their sorrows in some greasy Denny’s breakfast. Conan’s first guests on his new show were Seth Rogen, “Glee’s” Lea Michele with musical guest Jack White. Tonight, Conan will welcome guests Tom Hanks, Jack McBrayer and Soundgarden. Upcoming guests include Jon Hamm, Fistful of Mercy and Charlyne Yi on Wednesday; and Michael Cera, Julie Bowen and Jon Dore on Thursday.


The pressure for Conan to deliver a hilarious monologue for his premiere must’ve been huge. Luckily for him, it was pitch perfect. It addressed all the NBC drama with humor without rehashing it too much, and dwelling on it. Judge for yourself and check it out below.

What did you think? Are you glad to see Conan back on late night? If you missed the show, you can watch the full episode of last night’s Conan at