Conan O’Brien Celebrates 20 Years With Bloopers

Where does the time go? It’s hard to believe Conan O’Brien has been entertaining late night audiences for 20 years. That’s even including that mishap with NBC on The Tonight Show. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Conan and his team compiled some of his best bloopers. Ironically, as he’s presenting the montage, a technical glitch occurs. I guess he can save that for his 25th anniversary.

The celebration doesn’t stop with the blooper reel. Through November 15 on the Conan Show, they’re going through their vault for their favorite guests, characters, comedy sketches, and countless moments of general stupidity. Check out some hilarious mishaps below.

Conan Bloopers From 20 Years

  • DouggSeven

    I have never found him funny – ever. Some of his bits were clever due to his writers – but as a funny man himself – he has never made me laugh – he’s not quick witted.