Conan O’Brien Celebrates Anniversary With Gay Wedding

Just when I thought Coco couldn’t be any cooler, the late-night host proves me wrong. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of his TBS talk show, Conan O’Brien is hosting an on-air wedding. Not just any ordinary wedding, but a gay one. It’s fitting since he’s taking “Conan” to New York to film a few episodes. The state just recently allowed same-sex marriages to take place thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

This will mark O’Brien’s return to the Big Apple since leaving his CBS late night show for that NBC “Tonight Show” debacle. He really wanted his homecoming to make a big splash and nothing says splashy like a gay wedding. Conan isn’t simply just hosting the event either. He’ll be officiating the ceremony as well. I wonder if he went to one of those websites to get ordained to perform this union. The taping is rumored to be taking place next week at New York’s Beacon Theater and will air at a later date.

According to Vulture blog, Conan is marrying one of his show’s longtime staff members and his partner. Awwwww, how adorable is that. Can you imagine your boss marrying you and your significant other? I certainly can’t. Then again, my boss isn’t Conan. This is the first time since 1969 that an on-air wedding will take place on late-night television. More than 21 million viewers tuned in to Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show” to watch musician Tiny Tim marry Miss Vicki. I wonder how many will watch this one.

Do you think Conan’s intention is sincere in supporting gay marriage or simply a publicity stunt? Personally, I think he means well and not exploiting his employee. If it gets boffo ratings, then that’s just a bonus. At least that’s my two cents. Post your thoughts below.