The Cast Of Community Get The X-Men Treatment From Aviv Or

If you are a fan of Community, you are a probably dying, waiting to hear whether or not NBC will choose to air the remaining episodes or drop it from the primetime lineup. I personally don’t watch the show faithfully but from what I’ve seen, I love it. It looks like this little comedic gem is facing the same problem that Cougar Town was having over at ABC.

Until we get official word from the network, we can enjoy a little nerdy fun. Thanks to Israeli artist Aviv Or, the ensemble cast from the show have been rendered into versions of the famous X-Men characters. Above, you can see Joel McHale as a muscly Cyclops and Donald Glover as Wolverine. Check out all the character renderings and vote for your favorite below.

Dean Frost – The White Queen

AKA Dean Pelton played by Jim Rash

Professor Xabed

AKA Abed Nadir played by Danny Pudi


AKA Shirley Bennett played by Yvette Nicole Brown


AKA Senor Chang played by Ken Jeong


AKA Pierce Hawthorne played by Chevy Chase

Annie Pride

AKA Annie Edison played by Alison Brie


AKA Troy Barnes played by Donald Glover


AKA Jeff Winger played by Joel McHale


AKA Britta Perry played by Gillian Jacobs

Which Community-X rendering if your favorite?

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[via Oh No They Didn’t/BuzzFeed]

  • Kyle MP

    I’m a huge fan of Community, and an even bigger fan of Marvl Comics, especially the X-Men. These pictures have blown my mind to the n’th degree.

  • Xavier

    Really Kyle ?

    Aside from cyclops, they have pretty much made a mockery of the entire set of the x-men, theyre not that great, Cyclops is a good one, not just because he’s hot & muscly, he just looks right. These are superheroes, if you must mock them, mock them with fitting people

  • Cris

    Isn’t Joel McHale supposed to be Jeff Winger instead of “Jim”?

  • Tyrell

    Oops yes. Thank you Cris. All fixed 🙂

  • Awesome! 😀 Love all of these… and since they are Community-inspired I think that the a little mockery and fun is to be expected.