Coming Out– Part Two


I know what you’re probably thinking: “He came out again?!?” Fortunately, no, I didn’t go back in the closet just to reemerge.

This past long weekend Joel and I ventured out to the interior of BC to spend some time with our respective families. We decided last minute to rent a car and make the trek four hours to endure the excitement that always seems to brew around holiday/family gatherings.

We got in late on Thursday, deciding to stay at my parents place that night, visit with them during the day on Friday, and hit up hit his parents’ Friday night. Both respective families were meeting the new boyfriend essentially for the first time, so, it was a nice calm way to start off the weekend. Amazingly, this isn’t even the focus of this post!

After the family meet-and-greet (to put it lightly) on Friday, my family decided to do an extended-family dinner with my aunt and uncle on Saturday night. I had broached the subject with my parents earlier in the week that I felt it was due time to tell my relatives about my “alternative lifestyle”. It had been some time since I told my parents and sister, and I felt I wasn’t being true to myself if I couldn’t be honest with everyone in family.

My fear concerning the situation stemmed from my prairie origins, and the somewhat small-town mentality that tends to trickle through the good people of Saskatchewan. At this point, I want to apologize for pre-judging people based on their roots and upbringing. After much anxiety and talking myself in and out of the situation, I decided to just sort of blurt the information out after a brief intro of: “I need to tell you guys something important.”

To my amazement- and much relief- my aunt took charge and said that this wouldn’t affect they way she felt about me, or anyone else in her family for that matter. My uncle agreed and we spent a few minutes laughing about how my cousins would likely joke around about how I was the lucky one in the family: not having to deal with the opposite sex!

Again, similar to the first coming out story that I posted a few weeks ago, I am continually blessed with a family that supports me and has always seen me as the person I am and not judged me based on the decisions I have made. Looking back, I somewhat expected the reaction that I received from my parents as I knew they would never turn their backs on one of their children, but I didn’t feel my extended family necessarily had to take the same path. I’m thankful they did, and the burden I felt by not telling them has lifted, bringing me closer to them now that they know the truth.

Again, I urge everyone to take the plunge, as my story suggests: never judge a book by its roots! Oh wait. That doesn’t make sense…

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  • Dave

    Droooool! Great picture!
    I see that pesky bf is still in the picture ;P
    Great story nonetheless, goes to prove that just as there are “alternative lifestyles” there are also “alternative reactions”, not all being negative.

  • Daniel, i wish i had an online crush like you do!

  • Congrats Daniel!

  • Steph

    Hey Kiddo! At 25 have you finally stopped underestimating the prairie folk? I’m glad you’ve realized you have yet to be affected by the “small town mentality”. Just saying…

  • Dan

    Steph – I had no idea you commented on this!

    Just saying…
    It’s a thing!