What? I know this seems just as strange to me as it does to you. But the rumour mill is spinning itself into a frenzy at the whispers that a high profile celebrity is planning on making a big coming out on May 5th. Now I’m not one to care enough to make a stink that everybody in Hollywood is gay but keep up appearances, nor am I the guy to point the finger and out someone. Really, celebrities lives are as much my business as the dude beside me on the street. BUT. This celeb is basically planning their own rainbow party, so Imma climb on the train!

Now all this hoopla is thanks to publicist Howard Bragman. Who? Right, so he’s the little man behind the curtain that’s behind a lot of public coming outs. Bragman is responsible for helping Sheryl Swoops and Meredith Baxter EASE into public lesbianism as well as handling the sensitive case of Chaz Bono and his gender transitioning. And now that everybody has gotten over Ricky Martin fever (PULEEZE it wasn’t a SURPRISE!), it looks like Bragman has snagged himself the next headline.

So why May 5th? No, it’s not Closet Day (although that really should be a public holiday shouldn’t it?). It seems that the celebrity ready to pounce into public homosexuality is going on an…*ahem*….Coming Out Tour! Does this mean they’re a musician? A comedian? Rodeo Clown? One legged stripper? No one knows.

Now’s when I put my two cents in and make a completely uneducated guess with no real substance involved. Considering American Idol is ready to be wrapping up shortly, could Ryan Seacrest be joining the kids on their Idol Tour? JUSSAYIN’! JUSSAYIN’! Fact is we don’t know if this is a male or female, or even what part of the industry they’re in. So comment below and tell me who YOU think is coming out in just 3 short weeks.