With family coming together over the holidays, it’s a pretty common time for closeted gay youth to come out of the closet. The family is all together, everyone’s in a good mood, and frankly you might not even live at home anymore so it’s really one of the only times you get to see your family face to face during the year.

In the following video courtesy of Conan O’Brien, we see a boy named Kyle at dinner with his family at Christmas when his father asks him if he’s met any nice girls at school. “Do you have a girlfriend,” his mom asks eagerly. Kyle responds, “Well… there is someone.” She later asks, “Does she design her own clothes like you do!?” LOL. At this point Andy Richter pops in and starts pitching an infomercial on how he can be hired to help out you at Christmas to your family.

The guests random visitors at this family gathering don’t stop there, but my favorite was George Takei who had a message for Kyle’s family: “If any of you motherf*ckers give him sh*t about it, I’m gonna come back and f*ck your sh*t up!” LOL. Enjoy the funny video below.

Come Out As Gay With George Takei