Colton Underwood Named ‘The Bachelor’ Season 23

Damn!!! ABC just revealed its leading man for The Bachelor Season 23 and color me shocked.

Colton Underwood, a 26-year-old former NFL tight end from Indianapolis, has snagged the coveted role. He appeared on Season 14 of The Bachelorette featuring Becca Kufrin, finishing fourth. He then shuffled on over to this summer’s Bachelor In Paradise where he just broke up with Tia on last night’s show.

I thought the Bachelor position would go to either runner-up Blake Yrigoyen or third place Jason Horstmann. I honestly didn’t see Underwood getting it. He didn’t actually get the best edit during Bachelor In Paradise this summer. He appeared he wasn’t over Becca yet and was wishy washy with Tia Booth.

Thoughts on Colton getting the gig? Weigh in below.

Happy Monday, let’s crush it. Damn, I forgot to shave my chest again ?????

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I know I’m not the first one to make a joke or make light of a heavy situation… it’s my way to handle certain situations. I love to resort to comedy to cover up topics that I don’t like to get serious about. On tonight’s episode I talk about something I typically avoid talking about at all costs, but it was appropriate for me to bring up. It’s something that I don’t talk about very often and something that only a handful of people know. I considered it a gift and a curse for many years, but finally have come to terms about standing up for who I am and the details that make me, me. Anyone who feels like they are hiding their truth out of embarrassment or fear of being judged… I HAVE BEEN THERE. You are not alone, I have covered up my truth with lies and tried to “fit in” – while I thought fitting in was what I wanted, I’ve recently learned that being different is what I need. We all have something that we hold close to us and something that makes us unique in our own ways. I ask for respect from everyone I meet moving forward and I’m here to call on everyone that needs that extra motivation to be “different” – HERE IT IS. Be who you are. I love you all.

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Musical chairs champion

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Blake and Leo… what are you guys looking at? ?: @mfirestone12

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@bkoof take care of this human… He’s a great one.

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  • frederick.

    He is so hot! Damn, sign me up!! LOL

  • qhmwyb

    You messed up the last names bigtime: runner-up Blake is Horstmann and third place Jason is Tartick as Yrigogen is the last name of Garrett, the winner of Becca’s season. Side note, this Colton seems to be making a career of being a weepy man-child who doesn’t even know exactly what he wants. Terrible choice especially when you have Blake and Jason around.