Colton Haynes Leaves Arrow As Series Regular


NOOOOOOOOOO!!! The worst part of this isn’t the fact he won’t be gracing my television screen on a weekly basis, but rather I’m no longer going to bump into Colton Haynes randomly on the streets of Vancouver or at the gym. Who am I going to stalk now 😉

On last night’s episode of Arrow, you saw Roy Harper aka Arsenal leaving Starling City. If you were hoping it was simply a ruse, you’re out of luck. He’s leaving The CW show as a series regular. But since his character wasn’t killed off, the door is open for him to return. He’s scheduled to make one more appearance this season.

“Colton will not be returning to the show as a series regular in Season 4, but will appear in one additional episode this season,” a rep confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. “Like all characters that exist in this universe, there will always be the potential for him return moving forward.”

Executive producer Greg Berlanti tells Buzzfeed that Colton’s time on the show was always intended to be a short one. “We made a two-year deal, so we always knew we were on a clock,” he says.

“He was such a wonderful element as a character and a person. It was super sad, but everybody kinda looked at each other and realized that he’s at the start of, what I’m sure will be, an incredibly incredibly impressive career. It’s great that he gets to go on and have that and we got to have him while we did.” – Greg Berlanti told Buzzfeed

Colton joined Arrow during the first season in a recurring capacity before being promoted as a series regular in Season 2. This isn’t the first time Colton has left a hit series. The 26-year-old actor left MTV’s Teen Wolf after two seasons as well. Someone’s got long-term commitment issues. LOL!

For the rest of the interview, head over to Buzzfeed. In honor of his exit, here are a couple of shirtless moments from the show. Will you miss him on Arrow? Sound off below.

  • Wayne

    SPOILERS!!! Why would you do that right in the headline? Al ot of people watch shows on DVR. Uncool.

  • Please, it’s not the only source with that information. Just ignore it.

  • Wayne

    Yes but they did not put it in the headline and must used a spoiler tag in the headline instead.