It’s hard to think about warm clothes given the sweltering summer heat, but it’s never too early to starting thinking about your fall wardrobe. Plus, I love me some Colton Haynes who looks super sexy in his Essential Homme fashion spread. I’ve been crushin’ on the 23-year-old actor since I first saw him on ABC’s short-lived summer series “The Gates” where we he played a werewolf. Why I haven’t watched MTV’s “Teen Wolf” where he once again plays a werewolf is beyond me? I hear he’s often shirtless on the series.

Speaking of shirtless, I featured Haynes in my Man Crush series back in 2010. Then, I had pictures of him making out with another dude for a fashion editorial. When he was cast in “Teen Wolf“, reportedly, his people scoured the net in an effort to remove the homosexually-themed pics. Thankfully, some websites still have them online. Proceed with caution 😉 Whether or not he plays for our team remains to be seen, but he does hang with “Gossip Girl” actor Chace Crawford who was practically outed by the New York Observer in a recent article. Just sayin’ *wink*. But enough of gossip, let’s discuss his fashionable new spread.

Photographed by Matthew Lyn, the former model turned actor shows off his posing expertise. Seriously, there is not one outfit that looks horrible on him. Must be nice. In the July/August issue of Essential Homme, Colton discusses growing up in Kansas, his new-found fame, and hit MTV show, “Teen Wolf”. Check out the pics and a few quotes below.

On Partying

“I haven’t been seen drunk falling out of a club yet, so I don’t know if that’s necessarily gonna happen any time soon.”

On Fame

“It was kind of unexpected, to wake up one day and realize that the things that you’ve worked so hard to accomplish, you’ve accomplished in so little an amount of time.”

On Playing The Villain

“It’s fun to play the bad guys, because I don’t necessarily think that I’m like that all the time in real life.”

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Just in case you were curious to see Colton’s sexy abs on “Teen Wolf”, here you go…