Colton Haynes Blasts Hollywood For Homophobia

You’d think if there ever was a place that was very open-minded, it’s Hollywood. According to Colton Haynes, that’s not the case. The 29-year-old actor puts Hollywood’s treatment of LGBTQ actors on blast in a series of tweets.

It sounds like Haynes has lost a job or two based on his sexual orientation. Sadly an experience a few of his fellow out colleagues have faced. Actor and comedian Billy Eichner replied “AMEN!” to his tweets, while Andy Mientus of Smash responded, “I’m afraid I know exactly what you’re talking about. Be strong, brother.”

Not everyone received his wrath, however. He praised his bosses Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story), Greg Berlanti (Arrow) and Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf). Read Colton’s tweets below.

  • IDavid

    Unfortunately personal life has alot to do with who comes to watch your movies. It just comes with the territory as people have always wanted to know what their fave actors do in real life. Just can’t get around it. The real unfortunate part is discrimination. It’s very hurtful. Time will turn the tides on this more and more which is a very good thing. Focus on the future and be strong in the present knowing it will come to pass that this harshness will eventually disipate is my way of dealing.