Man Crush: Colt Prattes

Speaking for myself, when there’s turkey, stuffing, gravy and pumpkin pie in front of me, I definitely overindulge. I just have no will power when it comes to the holidays. Picking Colt Prattes as my Man Crush this week, I thought would motivate me to hit the gym. If you’ve seen him in Pink’s “Try” music video, you know dude has an amazing body. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving… I’d like to “stuff” his “turkey”. LOL. Whatever that means.

Prattes is a Broadway actor-dancer who’s appeared in such productions as How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, West Side Story and Legally Blonde: The Musical to name a few. He’s also participated in the US national tour of A Chorus Line and appeared in Planet Hollywood’s Surf The Musical featuring songs from The Beach Boys. For this year’s annual Broadway Bares event, Colt was chosen as the coverboy for their ad campaign, posing as Prince Charming.

Given his size and muscular frame, it’s shocking how well and agile he moves. He literally is poetry in motion in that P!nk video. If you thought Colt was gifted with great genes… yes he was. LOL. That said, there’s a “before” picture I’ve added below which was taken prior to him taking up bodybuilding more seriously. Not that he’s obese or pudgy by any means, but he’s definitely more cut now. Check Colt out in all his glory below. Gobble, gobble.

He’s certainly bulked up since this glamor shot.

Try counting all the ripples on that body. Time to bring out the abacus.

1000 crunches a day, keeps the pudge away.

Look how tight and toned his butt is even with his trunks and sweatpants hiding it.

Bang, bang. I’ve just been shot by the double gun show.

What the eff is this? CLOTHES!!! Blasphemous.

A couple of his Broadway roles including one in Legally Blonde: The Musical.

He was chosen as Prince Charming for the annual Broadway Bares campaign.

It really is remarkable how agile and flexible he is given his size.

Laughing it up backstage at the American Music Awards.

Before he got super cut. Whatever. I’d still hit it. Am I right or am I right?

What did exhibitionists do before iPhones?

Pink ft. Colt Prattes ‘Try’ Music Video

  • Sam

    I had the privilege of working with Colt and getting to know him a couple years ago. He is truly a nice guy, as nice as he is hot. Worthy of a Man Crush. But, alas, he’s straight. Oh well…

  • Slade

    Butterface!! Except for his prince photo, he is pretty cute there!

  • Peter

    wow, slade, you consider this guy a butterface?! you’ve got extremely high standards… jeez

  • daws

    I need to start working out again. Damn.

  • Alexa

    @Donovan do you have any plans of featuring Alexander Ludwig in the near future??? #pleasepleaseplease

  • Mark

    He’s straight…damn, what a waste! LOL

  • mike

    First of all, the person calling him a ‘Butterface’ has a right to his own opinion, just like I have the right to think said opinion is horseh!t.

    Secondly- to the gays lamenting he’s straight: just think- he’ll pass on his genes to future generations. It’s really about the greater good, sometimes. Be generous.

  • nyc1

    Butterface my ass. He’s perfection. Frankly, to be fair to the guy who commented, I don’t like Prattes clothed shot at all. His expression looks lost, the sunglasses in the coat look douchey, and the hair flip is too precious. Give me this guy in the suit, with a loose tie and a day’s worth of stubble.

  • OMG

    He’s straight? Or “straight”. I wouldn’t place him on 0 on the Kinsey scale!

  • Daniel Lachowski

    Im just wanna be f*cked by him…feel his strong arms around my waist…feel his abs back me…