Model Behavior: Colin Wayne

As penance for neglecting my Model Behavior duties, I thought I’d pick a super beefy fitness model to feature. You don’t get any beefier than Colin Wayne. This dude has a sick body and an absolutely adorable face to match.

The 23-year-old Alabama native began his love for bodybuilding when he was deployed to Iraq. Since then he’s been packing on the muscle and for that we thank him. “Train insane or stay the same,” is his favorite quote. Words I definitely live by… NOT. Certainly don’t have the discipline to hit the gym religiously.

Check out a sampling of his portfolio below which includes his most recent cover- Vanity Hype. If you like football, you’ll like the spread.

  • Bob

    Obviously he’s a gorgeous man, but am I really the only who thinks there’s a point beyond which muscle mass ceases to look human?

  • Bob

    {different opinion from a different ‘Bob’}
    He looks just fine to me! … and very human! 🙂

  • Zack

    I’d totally cheat on my boyfriend with this…thing! If i had a chance

  • Micheal

    Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

  • Peter

    Gorgeous. He’s got a Zac Efron look about him

  • VanCity

    ohmyfuck! 23 YO?!!!?
    why oh why was I playing games as a kid when I should have been hitting the gym.
    My body is okay. Not the same level as him though. ugh

  • Safanovich

    MmMmMmM… This guy is awsome…. Beautiful…

  • Wes

    His body is insane but those EYES! I can’t get past those beautiful brown eyes.

  • Sean

    He’s flawless looking.

  • ???

    He’s a fucking straight man more. All the men like him are straight, and no exception.

  • melanie

    Hey colin i have a sister her name is krystal she is you arest fan and u are the hottest man alive

  • Akmall Razlan

    its me or he could be long lost brother of Supernatural Brothers?

  • Jack

    Wow, ruined a nice body with dumb-ass tattoos. What a loser!

  • Sam

    Yummy yum yum..

  • crackerjacker2010

    Yes, you are a loser. You’re correct about that much, Jack. Colin didn’t ruin his body and his tattoos are in no way “dumb-ass”, at least nowhere near as much as you are to ridicule someone’s decision to put something of their own admiration onto their own skin. It is really none of your business what his tattoos are or his decisions as to why he got them. How about thinking about the garbage you spew from your mouth before you do it from now on.

  • Tibble22

    Not a fan of tattoos either, but they can’t be seen unless he has his shirt off, they don’t go up his neck or on his face…so not a problem, IMHO.