What a difference a year makes. When I first saw Colin Egglesfield on The CW’s reboot of “Melrose Place“, I didn’t think he was hot at all. In fact, I jumped for joy when the writers wrote him off the show. Fast forward to this week, when my friend Tyler sent me a trailer for an upcoming romantic comedy starring him. YOWZA. When did he get all sexy on me? I completely blame the Melrose writers for making his character such a douche that I didn’t notice his sexiness. So, to make up for my past ignorance, I decided to select Egglesfield as this week’s Man Crush. Hopefully, Colin can forgive me and we can just kiss and make up *wink*.

The Michigan-born stud is probably best known for his roles on “All My Children” and the aforementioned, “Melrose Place“. I’m sure once his film, “Something Borrowed” co-starring Kate Hudson, opens in May, that will all change. His path to acting, oddly enough, started out with his childhood dream to become a physician like his father. To earn more money for medical school, he turned to modeling. He quickly made a name for himself and worked with industry giants like Versace, Calvin Klein, and Armani.

Like most male models, he decided to turn to acting as his career in modeling started to wind down. After taking some drama classes, he found himself guest starring on popular TV shows such as “Law & Order SVU”, “The $treet”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Charmed”, and “Nip/Tuck”. These roles lead to his big break on “All My Children” in 2005. The year he joined the venerable soap, People Magazine named him one of their “Sexiest Men Alive“. Check out the pictures below and see if he’s worthy of People’s praises and more importantly… mine.

A man in a trench is a very sexy thing. PS. I need a brown trench.

Someone came to party. Bottoms up.

Who says you need a bedroom to have bedroom eyes.

Showing off his assets on the “Something Borrowed” set. He’ll play the love interest of Kate Hudson in that upcoming rom-com.

For some reason only his shoulders get cold. His pecs are another story. No need to cover up those babies.

The female model has the right idea. A little backseat limo fun for a swimsuit photoshoot.

I’m green with envy for those intoxicating green eyes.

I’d fall in love with the mirror too, if I looked like that.

Looking hot in a suit and a swimsuit. Now let’s see what he looks like in his birthday suit.


Slurplicious. He loves water and he loves sports… Hmmm