Even though I like my male models a bit older and buffer, I thought I’d mix it up this week for my Model Behavior feature. Not only are you getting two this week (applause), but you’re also getting ones that are relatively young. A little extra treat for those who like your men “fresher”. Daniel Akyeampong is only 20-years-old, while Colin Brazeau is 19. Since I don’t want to come off as a creepy old man, I’m going to try to keep my signature comments PG-rated. LOL.

Brazeau was attending Northwestern University in Chicago before he decided to take a year off college to pursue modeling full-time in New York City. Just in case you were wondering, he was majoring in Economics and minoring in Music. Good looking, smart and musically-inclined, someone’s a modern renaissance man.

So far, his risk to pause his post-secondary education is paying off. He’s appeared in fashion spreads for V-Man, Fiasco Mag and Playboy. In addition, he’s done catalog work and slowly building his runway resume. Colin already caught the eye of photographer Rick Day and posed for him in a steamy shoot. Must be nice to be Day for a “day”. Snapping male models day-in, day-out must be a difficult life. NOT. Enough chitter chatter, let’s get on with the pictures. Be sure to check out this week’s other male model, Daniel Akyeampong, after this one.

Colin Brazeau Model Stats

Height: 6’0″
Waist: 29
Shoe: 11
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Give this guy a couple more years and he’ll be smoking hot. He definitely rocks out the 3/4 profile pose.

I bet he has a pair of Jingle Bells in those Christmas-y plaid pants.

Extra, extra, read all about it. Colin is hotttttt.

Pucker up baby.

Showing off some pit hair. For all those who an armpit fetish for this… you’re welcome.

YUMMY. The styling is a bit Chachi but he looks good in black and white.

Nothing says manly like hoping over a railing while wearing plaid pants.

Even though there’s no skin showing, I find this picture utterly sexy. He’s the kind of guy you’d picture when someone says sexy hitchhiker. LOL.

A little too photoshopped on the right pic for my liking. On a completely different topic, I want those purple pants.

I see a little VPL…

Love this shot. Shows off his perfectly angular face.

Going for that James Dean look.

Those are some teeny tiny undies.

A pic for all those wondering if he manscapes.

Blue denim or white denim? Couldn’t think of anything better. SORRY.

I figured I’d end the post the same way I began it, except with the full-sized pic. Love the whole vintage newsie styling.

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