I first became a fan of Colette Carr when she was featured on Frankmusik’s track, “No I.D.” from his second studio album. After hearing that track, I did some research on who this little blonde rapper was. I immediately became addicted to her earlier stuff and upon some more research, discovered that this white girl packs a lot of punch. Don’t let her blonde hair, innocent face and petite figure fool you. This girl is no joke.

Colette is due to release a full-length studio album sometime this year titled “Skitszo” which she has stated is a tribute to her schizophrenic uncle, Robin. We’ve heard a few tracks from the album already including the raunchy track “Sex” which features the New Boyz. I already loved the song but hearing and watching her perform it live at the White Party in Palm Springs was pretty awesome. Now, she’s debuting another track said to be off the upcoming album titled “Like I Got A Gun.”

The newly released music video showcases Colette at a pool party with a bunch of friends, soaking up some rays, super-soaking each other and the like. Hey Colette! Next time you host a pool party, I want to come. It looks like a lot of fun. I hope we get to see the release of Colette’s album soon as I am anxious to hear even more new music from this gal. Check out the video for “Like I Got A Gun” below.

Colette Car, “Like I Got A Gun”