Coldplay in Concert


Kevin: Sunday night, Dan, Stephen and I all went to see Coldplay in concert here in Vancouver. Our friend Channa was also with us and I’m pretty sure I speak for all four of us when I say: “It was AMAZING“. Dan, Stephen and I are each going to write a couple paragraphs about the experience.

With the phenomenal Snow Patrol opening, along with The Howling Bells (which we unfortunately didn’t get to see), the show was destined to be a success. Having seen Snow Patrol with Daniel a year or two ago, I knew they would deliver a solid performance that really primed the entire crowd for the main event. And, let me tell you, Coldplay really knows how to put on a great show. The music sounded flawless, Chris Martin sounded phenomenal and the stage setup was fantastic. The globes they had suspended from the ceiling reflected the video footage, which was also shown at times on the enormous screen behind the band and really added to the overall visual effect of the show.

I’m sure all three of us are going to mention when the band played “Yellow” and launched enormous yellow balloons filled with confetti into the audience, who then bounced them all over the place until they finally popped. The effect was truly brilliant.

The last thing I will mention about the concert is how personable and respectful the band appeared to be. At two points during the show they performed off-the-main-stage and allowed other parts of the audience to be on the “front-row”. The first was just an extension on our side of the U-shaped stage. The second, however, was literally a set of about 8 seats located at the extreme opposite end of the stadium to the stage. They actually walked off the front of the stage, across the floor, and up the stairs to the platform and performed three songs! Can you imagine being one of the people back there? You arrive at the concert and think: “Shit, these seats suck… the band looks like ants!” Only for them to eventually walk right up to you and perform? I mean, SERIOUSLY! It was the raddest thing ever, even though we weren’t even close to that area.

All in all, the concert was just amazing and is definitely one of the best I’ve ever attended. They were also recording the concert for their next DVD release, and you better believe I’ll be pickin’ that one up!


Dan: I have been to a lot of concerts in my life, and I have a very prestigious “Top Five” list that has become nearly impossible to break into, as the current running tally boasts some pretty incredible artistry, performance skills and simple Dan-adoration that’s tough to match.

For the first time in years, this list has been penetrated by the brilliance that was the Coldplay concert last night in Vancouver, the second night of their touring show in the city. Snow Patrol was the perfect opener and set the stage perfectly for the night (unfortunately we didn’t make it to the stadium in time to see Howling Bells). From start to finish, the Coldplay quartet entertained, with a variety of their older hits and several songs from their last album.

Some highlights of the night for me was Viva la Vida, which had Chris Martin running around the stage like a maniac, and the haunting rendition of Yellow where all of the lighting in GM Place was switched to a baby-chick hue, and massive yellow balloons were hurtled out into the crowd. The pinnacle moment for me was the first ever attempted cell-phone-lit wave that rippled through a black-out stadium. The effect was brilliant, and in true Canadian style the crowd kept the wave going four times round. Needless to say, the show was brilliant, and now covets the #5 spot on my “All Time List”.


Stephen: I should preface my comments by saying that it’s only recently that I’ve started attending big concerts. I can probably count the number of concerts I’ve been to on both hands, but thanks to Kevin and his enthusiasm for live music, I am being exposed to a new way of experiencing some of my favourite artists. While many “great acts” that command top dollar because of their reputation and/or record sale success can potentially disappoint and become overpriced and over-hyped experiences (recent Britney Spears and Madonna concerts come to mind), I wasn’t sure what to expect with a band as large as Coldplay: one that many feel transcends our fragmented Gen-X and Gen-Y cultures and serves as a key musical definer of our generation. Well, after seeing Coldplay in action, I definitely see what all the fuss is about: it was pure epic pop-rock.

My concert-mates have already outlined some of the great highlights of the night, including the song “Yellow” and “Viva La Vida”, which were visually and aurally amazing, set amongst their other hits from the past decade including “Clocks”, “Fix You”, and “The Scientist.” While singing along with every word- which of course is always an essential component to an amazing concert- I found myself touched by their music in ways that I didn’t realize. Understandably, I know that sounds incredo-cheesy, but many of their songs resonated with me as I recalled the many times I’d listened to their records at various highs and lows of the past decade. The ability of the band to connect with me and the other 16,000 people there really spoke to their experience as artists and proved their substance.

Another thing that stood out for me, and Kevin already touched on it, was Coldplay’s humility and appreciation for their fans. They may be the biggest band out there right now- an acclaim they rightly deserve- but they definitely know who put them there in the first place and thanked the audience on numerous occasions for the privilege of playing for us. At the end- at the end of the encore- while the stadium was erupting in thunderous applause for an amazing concert experience, the four members of Coldplay clapped for us. Each band member went to the four corners of the stage to acknowledge some of the people that helped put them there in the first place. Chris Martin and the boys are a classy bunch; I can’t wait to see them live again.