Who’d You Rather: Melvin VS McCall

After an almost two-month hiatus, I am proud to announce the triumphant return of Who’d You Rather. I neglected the weekly feature during my time in Winnipeg doing Footloose but I’m back and ready to bring you two sexy men pitted against each other for your viewing and voting pleasure. For this week’s comeback, I’ve decided to battle Colby and Matt. For people who know the Homorazzi clan, no, this isn’t a who’d you rather based on our friends that our exes. Instead, they are two of Andrew Christian’s sexiest models who aren’t afraid to show their best assets for the camera. In advance, let me just say, you’re welcome! These boys are HOT!

Colby Melvin is a 24-year-old model originating from Lafayette, LA. He loves the outdoors which is no surprise he grew up living on the Gulf coast. Colby enjoys fishing, swimming, hiking, or playing tennis and of course, fitness is a big part of his lifestyle. Matt McCall also seems to have the fitness thing on lock. His muscular physique is a great match for Colby. Matt is a dancer as well as a model and Patrick and I recently met him at this year’s White Party while dancing for Liz Primo. If you live in West Hollywood, you may have caught him on the billboards once or twice advertising the famous WeHo bar, The Abbey.

Colby was recently featured in the AC video Jockstrap Cowboys (which was too hot for Homorazzi) and Matt got his AC debut in Wood In The Woods. Both boys are pretty easy on the eye so which one of them would you rather roll around with? It’s going to be a tough decision so you better look at the photo evidence below.

Colby Melvin

Matt McCall

Who'd You Rather: Melvin VS McCall

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  • arturo

    too easy. colby

  • Mark

    Colby all the way.

  • jis89

    Colby is a handsome guy with sexy eyes. Matt only has a good body..

  • Kurt

    Colby Melvin. Matt McCall didn’t stand a chance.

  • Dbrewer75

    Colby is THE SEX

  • DouggSeven

    Ugh, where’s the ‘neither’ button?

  • zurvivor

    Wow, the biggest landslide win i ever witness.Colby for me too. I feel like using my teeth to rip his underwear off on the first photo on top.

  • Akash

    I am for Matt all the way!

  • rudi

    definetely mc call for me, great face, beautiful eyes, great smile and lips and an ass to die for!

  • suti

    not really fair i think, the photos of mccall don’t do him any good in this case, yet from what aiv seen in the clips he’s by far the sexiest model of the bunch, definetely at least for my european taste!

  • mitch

    ok, i’ll join the pro mc call group as he is indeed top notch quality and he deserves more votes and comments