A couple days ago, I wrote about the latest Andrew Christian video where Colby Melvin goes on a cute and very sexy date with Brandon Brown. In honor of National Coming Out Day, Colby shared his coming out story with our friends over at The Underwear Expert in a short video. Naturally, he’s laying in his underwear on the bed as he shares his story.

I hope those of you that are still in the closet did find some support and inspiration in some of the stories that were shared yesterday on National Coming Out Day. Colby did have some struggles when coming out, but he shares his perspective on what matters. “Being gay doesn’t change anything about you. Being gay is like having blonde hair, having brown hair, having brown eyes, having green eyes,” says Colby. “It’s just another part of you.”

Check out the video below.

Colby Melvin: Coming Out

To read more about Colby Melvin in terms of what he does for the LGBT community, check out the article on UnderwearExpert.com.