Naked Video Of Teen Wolf Star Cody Christian Leaks


Fans of Cody Christian have vowed not to look or share private videos of the 21-year-old actor pleasuring himself. They even started the hashtag #WeRespectYouCody to show their support. I, on the other hand, have not taken the same stance. A jack-off video is like a car pileup for me. I just can’t look away 😉

Christian is best known for his roles as Theo Raeken on Teen Wolf and Mike Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars. If you haven’t taken the same oath as his fans, proceed to Twitter (NSFW), to check out his assets. To view more PG-rated fare, check out some Instagram posts below.

Back in this teen wolf makeup chair ? Couldn't be happier

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Summer time

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Gettin that workout in before this Spiedie Fest. Who's coming?!

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Some new headshots coming your way soon guys. Amazing shots from an amazing photographer, Richard Wright.

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  • VegasLane

    I have over 150,000 gay followers on Twitter. I can tell you that I would NEVER link this to them. I have no idea if this is real. I would never be responsible for disseminating something that could potentially damage the career of one of the best looking and nicest guys on the planet.

  • Mistress Borghese

    Whether cody or not, it was very enjoyable to watch I thought. I’m with you…..I can’t not watch a traffic accident.

  • Demarcus Gaines

    Where can I see this tape because I can’t find it anywhere

  • DeGePe

    I found it on Porn Hub.