My love for Cody Belew knows no bounds. My adoration is greater than anyone, including my friend Steve who THINKS he knows what True Belew love is like, but is clearly delusional, and just plain wrong. Before this cover I was twitterpated and amazed with him, but after seeing and hearing him sing my favorite Prince song, I’m ready to get on a plane, fly to Beebe, Arkansas, knock on his parents door, and formally ask his Father for his son’s hand in marriage on one knee. You shouldn’t have done this to me Cody. You could have never known the serious repercussions that will result from this.

Now IMHO, The Voice lost the plot last year when my favorites started dropping like flies. I stopped watching religiously after Cody was voted out, but when Dez took a hike, and Amanda Brown, who should have won, left, what was the point? I just didn’t care anymore. What I DID care about however, was quickly becoming obsessed with liking and following Codes (we’re there now) on Facebook, putting his YouTube videos on repeat, and making him my desktop picture. I also got a shirt made that says “I Heart Cody Belew”, and I wear it under all my clothes. So.

OKAY! RIGHT! “Purple Rain.” Good song. Love it. Add my husband in there and I can now die a happy man. This was a fan voted song that he covered for me…US! That he covered for US. Is it his dark, haunting come hither stare? Is it the falsetto that makes me want to figure out the logistics of birthing his child(ren)? Is it the fact that when he cries at the end, I cry….EVERYTIME? It’s flawless whatever it is.

Please repeat this video two to three times a day, and call me when you come to. Side effects may include passing the hell out, an uncontrollable urge to never live without Cody Belew ever again, and a sudden need for Kleenex.

Cody Belew – ‘Purple Rain’