RuPaul’s Drag Race 5 Episode 10: Do Ask and DO TELL!

It’s the makeover episode! I guess this season we have the family member, it’s not really specific as to what family member with the made over partners because we got a wide array of ages right? Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

The Mini Challenge this week was working out with boobs or something. I find it so pointless when they do challenges like this, I have no idea what it has to do with anything but whatever. So the winner of the mini challenge was Alaska. After her win we find out who the queens are making over, and it’s OUT ARMY VETS! DADT was repealed so that is what they latched onto this year. I LIVED for these army queens honestly, so so so funny. Some of them were just SUCH queens like the one Detox got paired up with. Honey she just wanted to get into some pumps as soon as she good (CHECK YOUR DRAG DETOX!!!)

As the queens were getting to know their vets, we find out that Jinkx vet actually knew Judy Garland (HELLO!), so they were really going to play off of a campy Liza/Judy inspired performance and it worked really really well for them. Detox’ vet was experienced in those heels but when it came down to the stage performance, it was a total hot mess. Detox or Beth Adone couldn’t pull it together unfortunately  Alaska and her sister Nebraska did OK, except for the padding. Nebraska had the worst pads I have ever seen, it was so funny. Coco was a straight up busted ass mess. Here’s my question, how can you be a drag queen and not know how to paint someone else’s face? You just do what you do to yourself on someone else? Of course she was complaining and as soon as she gets defensive like that she starts going after Jinkx. Honey JINKX IS EVERYTHING and will probably win this season. You however are in the bottom 2 again (4th time).

The winner this week was my girl ROXXXY ANDREWS! I knew she was going to win from last week because Roxxxy can do something not all queens can; she can build a drag queen from the ground up. She can do makeup, makes wings, outfits, pads and knows how to dress a body. I knew she was going to win this no problem and she did. I was so happy! She’s tied for two with Jinkx!

Like I mentioned Coco fell into the bottom two with Detox. It was a tough one to call because the camera was favoring both of them, but in the end Detox sent Coco packing…finally. Coco was negative and rude, toxic and mean. She belittled people who were doing better than her, and making fun of people when they were doing worse than her and I will most definitely not miss her on my screen.

Next week is the pageant week, and similar to season 1 they are doing couture inspired by candy (in season one they did fruit). I’m going to give a bit of an edge to Roxxxy since she does pageants but at this point its anyone‘s game. Well not really, this competition is between Jinkx and Roxxxy those are going to be my top two. Sadly I don’t think Detox or Alaska will take it even though I love them both. But who cares, their booking fees are now on par with some of the greats!

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  • JMC

    The mini challenges aren’t to be taken so seriously, they’re just fun and usually reward the winner with a very minimal advantage which this week Alaska used in the most diplomatic way possible, class act.

    It was obvious this was Coco’s week but I’m glad she was part of the show. She could be volatile at times but she also had moments of sincere charm and the woman can lip sync! Jinkx’s moment with her vet was touching too. I’m glad the challenge didn’t specify a drag family member after last seasons disasterous pregnant mother and daughter nonsense.

    There’s a lot of momentum for Jinkx to win this season which I don’t agree with. I think she’s kind of interesting but not nearly polished enough to be the next drag superstar, she pales in comparison with previous winners. If she was a little more polished, more confident and sure of herself I’d be more on board but she doesn’t seem to have the strength and inner fortitude that I want in a winner.

    I thought Alaska looked stunning in her runway as did Nebraska. I’d love to see Alaska win but I don’t see it happening, the judges don’t seem as fond of her drag. I initially thought this was going to be Detox’s to lose but she’s stumbled a bit and I think it’s a relatively even field now. I’m still not a Roxxxy fan, she’s pretty but it’s not my style of drag, very similar looks, similar hair, similar make up and she’s not all that entertaining.

    Tommy D can’t help but suspect you typed this after a few glasses of wine.

  • Joey

    I miss when you used to interview the eliminated queen. Why did you discontinue that?

  • Scheana

    The army queens were amazing, and I love that they cared about the challenge as much as the regular queens. Why was Coco was so angry; she didn’t have the worst vet to dress, and she should have in her arsenal, how to apply make-up on someone else. I started a new work schedule at DISH, and missed this past episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race when it aired. I am glad the timer on my DISH Hopper was there for me to record this episode. This DVR is capable of recording up to 2,000 hours of my favorite television shows. Now I have the freedom to record the full season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the full seasons of my other favorite shows that air the same night.