Coca-Cola is famous for their Christmas campaigns. From catchy jingles to cute polar bears and penguins, the genius minds behind some of Coke’s more successful campaigns have all occurred over the holiday season. The even light up their delivery trucks with Christmas lights for the winter months. These guys take Christmas very seriously. Their famous “Holidays are coming… Santa Claus is coming…” ad campaign ran for years fell into disuse in 2001. The company restructured their holiday ad campaign to have each countries ads produced locally to suit each region’s holiday needs. How thoughtful?

However, the idea was a flop when Coca-Cola was flooded with calls to the information center asking them where the famous jingle had disappeared to. Many comments stated that the commercial’s song was a significant start to the holiday season. The company reinstated the jingle to its ads in 2007. The concept was originally conceived by U.S. Advertising Firm, Doner. I am sure they were glad to get this billion dollar campaign back in their hands, considering that Coca-Cola is the 6th largest company in the world when it comes to advertising budget.

This year, the company took on yet another approach drawing inspiration from a popular Christmas prop, a snow globe. While Santa takes a look at one of his snow globes, the people inside feel the effects of the shake and are brought together for the holiday season. YouTube user, Railok did one better. He took the concept of the video, and turned it into an Inception parody using the song Mind Heist from the blockbuster film. I think its incredible and works perfectly for the song and video. I saw the parody first and then watched the original after. I think I like the parody better. You decide.

Pretty great hey? Check out the original version of the commercial below titled Snow Globes.

Which one do you prefer? The Original Snow Globes or Coke Christmas Mind Heist?